June 1, 2023

12 Months of Federal Labor Research Brief

This 15-page research brief runs through every policy achievement of the last 12 months for the Government and planned reforms for the year ahead.
What you need to know
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12 Months of Federal Labor Research Brief

Contents of the Report
  • What you need to know

Key achievements of the past 12 months

  • Aged care
  • Child care
  • Defence
  • Education
  • Energy
  • National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC)
  • Indigenous Affairs
  • Industrial Relations
  • Social Security and Welfare
  • Taxation and Superannuation
  • Trade
  • Other

Planned policy for the next 12 months

  • Housing
  • Further Industrial Relations Reforms
  • The Voice
  • Privacy Act
  • Other

Prime Minister Albanese's overseas travel

  • Prime Minister Albanese’s completed international trips
  • Prime Minister Albanese’s scheduled International trips for 2023

What you need to know

■ The Albanese Labor government has marked twelve months in federal power.

■ The year has been characterised by global geo-political uncertainty and deteriorating economic conditions domestically. Despite this, the Government

has begun to deliver on its comprehensive policy agenda.

■ The political highlight of the year for Labor was Mary Doyle’s successful victory in the Aston by-election.

■ Prime Minister Albanese listed the reforms to childcare subsidies and extended paid parental leave as his top achievements so far.

■ Other key achievements include the passing of legislation for a referendum on an Indigenous Voice to Parliament (in the House of Representatives), a federal anti-corruption commission (NACC), and legislated emissions-reduction targets.

■ The Government successfully delivered a Budget surplus for 2022/23 in their May Federal Budget, this was the second Budget that has been delivered by this Government.

■ Much of the year has been spent on the global stage with the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Penny Wong wanting to see Australia “back at the table”.

Albanese has visited 17 countries since taking power.

■ Trade Minister Don Farrell made a visit to China in early May.

■ Opposition Leader Peter Dutton and Shadow Treasurer Angus Taylor are expected to increase the frequency and ferocity of their criticisms of the

Government in the coming twelve months, ahead of a likely early-2025 federal election.

■ The Coalition has spent much of the past year carefully selecting when to criticise the Government, mainly focusing on the economy. Although, a political

showdown is set up for later this year, as the Coalition is officially supporting the No vote in the Voice to Parliament Referendum.

■ You can read all of Labor’s key policy achievements for the last twelve months in the full brief.

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