Federal and State Parliament Sitting Calendar

December 16, 2021

GovConnex has developed three google calendars / icals in line with 2022 Parliamentary Calendars. The below links: 

Google Calendar Links

  1. Federal Parliament’s Sitting Days This is a google calendar / iCal for the Australian Parliament Sitting Calendar. The House of Reps sitting and Senate sitting days are separated. 
  2. State and Territory Sitting Days This is a google calendar / iCal for NSW, QLD, NT, ACT, WA, Tasmania and Victorian Parliament Sitting Calendar. They are not separated into lower and upper houses, but it is noted when it is just an upper house sitting. 
  3. NSW Sitting Days: This is a google calendar / iCal for NSW Parliament Sitting Calendar.
  4. New Zealand Sitting Days This is a google calendar / iCal for New Zealand’s Parliamentary Sitting Calendar.

All dates are subject to change, and the Federal Calendar is almost certain to change given next year is an election year. These will be checked and updated regularly to ensure accuracy. 

.ics Files for Outlook Calendars

For easier integration into outlook, please see below .ics files of the calendars. Please note, these won't be updated (the below google calendar links will be updated however - if you want to integrate those into your outlook calendar, follow this guide)

  1. Federal Parliament iCal download
  2. All State and Territories iCal download
  3. NSW iCal download
  4. New Zealand Sitting iCal download

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