October 10, 2023

GovConnex Launches in the United Kingdom

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We're excited to share some big news: GovConnex has launched in the United Kingdom! Our GovConnex UK product covers Westminster, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. As part of this, we’re pleased to announce the appointment of William Wright, who previously served as Head of GovConnex Research, as UK Managing Director. William is now leading our UK team from our London office. 

Our success in Australia has shown us the immense value that GovConnex brings to public affairs professionals. We believe that the UK, with its complex political landscape and diverse range of organisations, presents an ideal setting for GovConnex to make a meaningful impact.

The GovConnex Platform is an all-in-one solution for public affairs professionals to monitor, research, track and report their engagement with government. Our platform provides professionals with comprehensive alerts, including AI powered topical summaries, powerful search tools, insights, trend analysis, stakeholder profiles, and a smart CRM for stakeholder engagement. Our solution pulls information from a broad range of sources covering elected officials and the parliamentary process, government departments and agencies, and unions and industry associations to give customers a complete view of political risk and opportunities. 

GovConnex is used by Australia’s leading organisations including large listed and foreign companies, government agencies, consultants, industry associations, and charities.

Our mission is to become the world’s leading provider of software tools for professionals that engage with government. Expanding to the UK is a significant step towards achieving that.

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