May 5, 2024

UK Local Elections Summary

Key takeaways from the 2024 UK local elections
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Everything you need to know about the 2024 UK local elections:

  • Sadiq Khan (Labour) was re-elected as Mayor of London for a record third term with a swing of 3.2%.
  • The Conservative Party lost 397 councillors.
  • Labour gained at least 232 councillors, the Liberal Democrats 98, and the Green Party 64.
  • Incumbent West Midlands Mayor Andy Street (Conservative) was defeated by Richard Parker (Labour).
  • Labour won 10 of the 11 mayoral contests up for election.
  • Ben Houchen (Conservative) held on as Mayor of the Tees Valley on a reduced majority, providing some relief for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.
  • Labour had been hoping to achieve a clean sweep of the 11 mayoral contests, a result that would've emboldened Sunak's internal opponents.
  • The result still marks the worst local election result in decades for the Conservative Party.
  • Despite this, Professor Michael Thrasher projects that if these results were replicated in the General Election, Labour would still fall short of a Commons majority.
  • Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham (Labour) won a thumping majority with 63.4% of the vote.
  • Labour won 11 of the 37 Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) elections off the Conservatives.
  • Plaid Cmyru's Dafydd Llywelyn retained their one PCC position in Wales.
  • Labour's Chris Webb won the Blackpool South by-election with the third largest Conservative to Labour by-election swing since the Second World War.

Lord Houchen - re-elected as Mayor of Tees Valley

Mayoral Contests


Previous mayor: Sadiq Khan (Labour)

Elected mayor: Sadiq Khan (Labour)

East Midlands

Previous mayor: New position

Elected mayor: Claire Ward (Labour)

Greater Manchester

Previous mayor: Andy Burnham (Labour Co-op)

Elected mayor: Andy Burnham (Labour Co-op)

Liverpool City Region

Previous mayor: Steve Rotheram (Labour)

Elected mayor: Steve Rotheram (Labour)

North East

Previous mayor: New position

Elected mayor: Kim McGuinness (Labour)

South Yorkshire

Previous mayor: Oliver Coppard (Labour Co-op)

Elected mayor: Oliver Coppard (Labour Co-op)

Tees Valley

Previous mayor: Ben Houchen (Conservative)

Elected mayor: Ben Houchen (Conservative)

West Midlands

Previous mayor: Andy Street (Conservative)

Elected mayor: Richard Parker

West Yorkshire

Previous mayor: Tracy Brabin (Labour Co-op)

Elected mayor: Tracy Brabin (Labour Co-op)

York and North Yorkshire

Previous mayor: New position

Elected mayor: David Skaith (Labour)


Previous mayor: Paul Dennett (Labour)

Elected mayor: Paul Dennett (Labour)

Council Elections


1,158 (+232)

Liberal Democrats

522 (+98)


515 (-397)




2 (-1)


283 (-21)

Police and Crime Commissioners









Plaid Cmyru


Sadiq Khan wins a record third term

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