Engage Stakeholders

Be fully equipped to engage confidently with stakeholders

Engage meaningfully with stakeholders by knowing what makes them tick

Speak to the right person

Prioritise and focus your effort on the stakeholders that will make the most impact

Instantly find out who is most vocal on specific issues.

Know where representatives and their parties stand on different topics within seconds.

Prioritise who to engage with based on their positions, interests, and constituent profile.

Stakeholder Profiles

Get a full picture of who your stakeholder is

Know what they care about. Understand their past experience and their relationships with different communities and organisations

Search and Filter

Track what your stakeholders are saying

See what they are saying on the topics you are interested in and find the right opportunities to engage

Bio Pro

Break the ice instantly

Connect on a human level with your stakeholders through shared interests and things in common discovered through our BioPro feature

Improve your stakeholder engagement workflow

Make every interaction smooth and consistent

Avoid misunderstandings and awkward situations by ensuring the entire team is on the same page and interacts with your stakeholders in a consistent way.

Easily prepare briefing notes by exporting reports summarising your entire interactions history, including calls, emails, and background notes.

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